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Reading Indian language text on your BlackBerry smartphone

(Warning: Pl. use this procedure very carefully, if you are not sure, seek help from a qualified person around you)


BlackBerry is a great device for messaging, real time social feeds and web browsing. Especially with its ‘PUSH MAIL’ technology you can get emails from 10 accounts instantly. Though there is no problem in reading English messages, Indian language messages appear as square boxes like this     (Tamil, Hindi, Kannada,Malayalam*,Telugu etc.,). The same square boxes appear in the Indian language web pages also.

The reason is BB doesn't provide Indian Language support by default. To read Indian language text, installation of the the Indian Language Package is required by other means.

* It is found that the Malayalam font is not included in this package. Hence those seeking Malayalam font, pl. contact your local BB provider.

Connect BB to PC

Install and run the BlackBerry Desktop software on your PC or Laptop. Connect your BB via USB cable in the Sync Media mode.

Device Version

Check the device software version. This procedure will work only on BB devices having Version 6. On the device Click Options>Device>Device versions

The device version can also be seen in the BB Desktop software.

BBs purchased in India

For the BBs purchased in India, the service provider (Airtel, BSNL etc.,) can be contacted. Once activated, the Indian language option will appear in the Applications Window. Click the  + sign button to install it.

BBs outside India

For the BBs purchased outside India, the Indian Language Pack should be installed manually. This package is available as a COD file or JAD file. The name of this file is net_rim_font_indic.cod or net_rim_font_indic.jad

Download this file here net_rim_font_indic.cod ; the file size is 1.41 MB

This file cannot be installed via BB Desktop software.  Hence download and install the program BBSAK (BlackBerry Swiss Army Knife) from into your PC or Laptop.

Run BBSAK, enter your device password (if used), else skip and click OK. Pl. don’t confuse the device password with your device PIN.

Click Modify CODs tab and click Install COD(s). Select the previously downloaded COD file and click OK.

The language pack is now installed. Your BB will reboot.

Now all your Indian language emails, web pages and social feeds will be readable. Pl. note that this procedure is only for reading and not for writing. You cannot type in Indian language to compose an email. The installed COD won’t be visible in the BB Desktop software applications window, but it will work.


Here are few samples in Tamil language on BlackBerry Smartphone.